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The Brompton Café is a place to recharge and relax: a social space, wifi lounge,
information and press point for the Brompton Design District during London Design Festival 2017.
Today Bread’s menu includes snacks, pastries and simple bites made fresh at the café from recipes by invited designers: Arabeschi di Latte, Antoine Sandoz, Study O Portable, Jerome Rigaud & Amandine Alessandra, Sibylle Stoeckli and Jacopo Sarzi. All designers have responded to the theme of Grains; their research and inspiration will be exhibited in the café.
Special furniture and tableware for the café is being created by several designers who were involved in the Breakfast Pavilion, a recent highlight of the Venice Biennale, curated by Marco Campardo, Lorenzo Mason and Luca Lo Pinto. Designers include M-L- XL, Michael Marriott, Zaven, Max Frommeld, Tiago Almeida, James Shaw, Norma Studio and Rio Grande, Jochen Holz and Silo Studio and Maria Jeglinska, George Sowden, Nathalie du Pasquier and Katrin Greiling. The furniture and objects are on sale for the duration of the café.
The café also hosts a research project by architects DSDHA, focusing on Brompton’s public realm. A scale model of the Albert Memorial will be presented, which explores the secret catacomb of passages and rooms beneath this iconic Victorian monument, investigating both its history in connection to the Great Exhibition of 1851 and its potential to contribute to London’s new cultural infrastructure.
10 Thurloe Place,
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