Spolia by Oparanze Collective

15.09.2018 →
Oparanze Collective, an interdisciplinary design co-operative based in Lagos, Nigeria, presents 'Spolia', a collection of furniture and objects inspired by notions of embodied energy. A practice popularized in ecclesiastical buildings, Spolia, or materials that previously were part of alternative structures, become intrinsic to the form and utility of their new states.
In the words of Erwin Panofsky: “The future is invented out of the past.”
The exhibit interrogates existing normative concerns and aesthetic assumptions of African design. Furthermore, themes and discourses are explored, developed or indeed challenged via a series of events and talks held at the space.

The Shy Table
The Shy Table is made from a salvage plank of Iroko wood that was considered 'imperfect' due to it having knots within the grain. The legs of the table were taken from an antique table that was otherwise left for scrap. Together the two elements create a table that is a melange of eras with the juxtaposition of the 'classical' legs and contemporary table top. The table also folds away for ease of transportation and space saving. The initials under each piece that Oparanze Collective create are a record of the designers and artisans who came together to create the piece; in this instance Kelechi, Emmanuel and Razac.
2nd Floor,
3 Yeoman’s Row,
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