Scentmatic - Kaorium

16.09.2023 →
KAORIUM captures your vague scent impressions in words. By interacting with KAORIUM, it enables you to deepen your unique scent preferences and brings a delightful encounter with unexpected scents.

Finding a perfume is a challenge. Fragrances are hard to grasp, and expressing our preferences can be tough. KAORIUM by SCENTMATIC is an entirely novel approach to fragrance exploration that decodes the enigmatic world of scents and helps people discover new fragrances intuitively through language. Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, our mission is to deliver olfactory moments of delight.

Prepare to embark on a captivating exploration of fragrance and contemplate how KAORIUM will revolutionize your sensory perception by expanding your sensitivity to scent. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary journey and be ready to discover uncharted dimensions of your olfactory senses.

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday 11am - 7pm, Sunday 11am - 4pm

4 Cromwell Place,
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