Feel Free to Consume by crafting plastics! studio

15.09.2018 →
crafting plastics! studio present FEEL FREE TO CONSUME - an interactive installation and collection of ready-to-wear products and objects based on studio’s research in Nuatan - a new generation of bioplastic material.
From a material’s birth to its decay, from limited edition to mass produced consumer goods, cp!s explores new aesthetics and material limits within an enjoyable production process in their ‘dirty lab’.
Thanks to their newly developed sustainable material (NUATAN ™) in collaboration with scientists from Slovak University of Technology, cp!s challenges negative prejudice on perishable materials.

crafting plastics! studio will also will be holding a series of workshops together with Malai where participants will explore a set of low-tech techniques of working with biocomposites and bioplastics and have a chance to create a small item. For more information and to register go here

Opening times: Sat – Tues 10-6, Weds & Fri 10-8, Thurs 10–9
201 Brompton Road,SW3 1LA
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