Radical Kitchen 2018 - Ghetto Gastro: YAMS

Thursday, 20th Sep
13.00 - 14.30
Building on the ‘Radical Kitchen: Recipes for Building Community and Creating Change’ programme launched in 2017, Serpentine presents a second season of its lunchtime gatherings in the Serpentine Pavilion, designed by Frida Escobedo.
On Thursday 20 September, chefs from Ghetto Gastro address yams.  
Serpentine Pavilion
Free, drop-in
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On selected Thursdays over the summer, artists, activists and researchers gathers with the public to consider different global foodstuffs and elements – their stories, their movements and their relationship to time, empire and landscape. Visitors are invited to share food and reflect on empire, geological time, exchange and decolonisation, themes inspired by Escobedo’s design, which draws on the domestic architecture of her native Mexico and British materials and context, specifically the Prime Meridian line at the Royal Observatory.

Radical Kitchen 2018 brings together questions generated through two major research strands undertaken by Serpentine Projects. The ongoing Rights to the City programme addresses housing rights, racial discrimination, privatisation of public space and the politics of care. Launching in 2018, General Ecology marks the Serpentine Galleries’ commitment to addressing questions around ecology, complexity, organisation and climate change. Radical Kitchen 2018 is a collaboration with Nicoletta Fiorucci, Founder of Fiorucci Art Trust, and is supported by Aesop.
Kensington Gardens,
London W2 3XA
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